We are thrilled to welcome new clients and patients to our veterinary hospital!  We strive to make each pet owner and their beloved companion feel welcomed and valued.  Our cheerful, knowledgeable team members are well educated and can provide accurate answers to any inquiries you may have regarding our hospital policies , the services we provide, or concerns you may have regarding your pet’s health.   The goal of our veterinarians and their team of support staff is to educate pet owners to allow you to make informed decisions regarding your pet’s health, to practice excellent veterinary care and  to treat each patient and owner with compassion and respect. 


Upon arrival at our hospital, you will be greeted by our cheerful and friendly client care representatives.  Your pet will made to feel at ease with cuddles and treats within our reception area.  Your information will be reviewed and confirmed and any necessary corrections make as well as the addition to the file of any medical documents you may have brought.   One of our courteous veterinary technicians  will escort you to the examination room and will obtain an up to date weight of your pet as well.  The technician will ask a series of questions in relation to the nature of your pet’s visit in order to gather a medical history for the veterinarian.  She will then relay this information to the veterinarian who will then enter the examination room and perform a full physical examination.  The veterinarian will then recommend a treatment plan and outline the specific costs to allow you to make an informed decision regarding your pet’ medical condition.